Solar electricity for everyone


Miro Zeman

CEO & co-founder

Miro is a professor at Delft University of Tecnhology and holds more than three decades of experience on the whole PV value chain and related numerical modelling.

Olindo Isabella

CTO & co-founder

Olindo is a professor at Delft University of Tecnhology and is an international expert in PV technologies, applications, and multi-scale modelling.

Jaap van Dijk

Business developer

Jaap is an entrepreneur in the renewable energy space with 15 years commercial experience in energy markets at EDF Trading, Citigroup and The Boston Consulting Group. Jaap leads PV Works business development.

Maarten Verkou

Software developer

Maarten is a researcher at Delft University of Technology. He is an experienced coder with strong background in PV systems and big geo-referenced data.

Hugo Arts

Market Researcher

Hugo has a technical background and supports the company by researching the match between product features and market fit.

Delft Enterprises

CXO & co-founder

Delft Enterprises participates in innovative, early stage and technology-based spin off companies of Delft University of Technology. It supports PV Works in business-related matters.